Saunders Midwest is passionate about supplying consumer and business products used by individuals for creative and productive uses. We will continue to build our company through innovative products that serve our customers’ needs, expanded distribution via an omni-channel approach, and acquisition of best-in-channel brands with national or worldwide reach. We are and will continue to be an exceptional, entrepreneurial company that consistently exceeds customer expectations while serving all our stakeholders, including our team members, shareholders, vendors and communities. We value integrity, innovation, respect, humility, and hard-work.



  1. Headquarters, Chicago, IL
  2. Midwest Products, Hobart, IN
  3. Saunders, Readfield, ME
  4. Distribution, Meridian, MS



In the middle of the last century, passionate entrepreneurs from rural Indiana and Maine began journeys to build exceptional brands that have stood the test of time. Harry Saunders was a typewriter supply salesman for Remington Rand. When multiple form parts, called “unit-sets” were introduced, he recognized a need to create a portable writing surface and storage box. In 1947 he incorporated Saunders to solve this need.

In 1952, half-way across the country in Hobart, IN, two best friends combined their passions for model airplanes to develop a business supplying premium products to hobby enthusiasts worldwide. Thus, the Midwest brand was born, and to this day, continues to supply the same high-quality materials to buyers.

Today, both Saunders and Midwest are a combined enterprise whose reach extends to every state in the US and dozens of countries. Tens of thousands of customers rely on Saunders Midwest to innovate their products while still supplying the same products that have served customers for several generations.


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