In addition to organic growth and internal investments, Saunders Midwest has an active acquisition program to buy high-quality brands for integration into the Saunders Midwest family. Our transactions permit owner liquidity and exit, or the excitement of a partnership for growth and new rewards. We have a history of compensating intermediaries for introductions that lead to closed deals, and our transaction process is simple, rational and backed by permanent capital, meaning we provide high certainty-of-close.


  • Professional tools
  • North American headquartered
  • Middle or lower middle market size
  • Flexible about business condition


  • Flexibility to structure a transition to meet your needs
  • Transactions capitalized with cash and holding company financing resources
  • Permanent capital reduces financing risk
  • Rational, straight-forward due diligence to simplify the process
  • Owners can pursue an immediate exit, if desired
  • Long-term hold mentality but mindful about management and partner desires for liquidity


  • Compensation for buy and sell-side intermediaries that provide introductions that lead to closed deals
  • Straight-forward, respectful and responsive with a proven ability to close deals
  • Permanent capital source minimizes financing risk and enhances speed-to-close
  • Rational due diligence process creates simplicity and avoids unnecessary burdens
  • Although most deals are all-cash, transaction structures can be flexible to reflect ownership needs
  • Flexible with owner exit post-close