Saunders is a brand of aluminum form holders and clipboards. These products are engineered for people who need to take their work with them and be productive away from their desk. Saunders-branded products are used by medical, emergency and police professionals, appraisers, factory floor personnel, delivery and service professionals, engineers, students and teachers and many other niche groups. To learn more about Saunders products click here:


Midwest is a brand of raw materials, tools and kits for the art, craft, hobby, education and hardware markets. Branded products include precision-shaped balsa, basswood, several hardwood species, carbon fiber, foam, cork, and various polymers. In addition, numerous educational kits focusing on motion and flight applications are available under the Midwest brand. To learn more about Midwest products click here:

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  • 3038 – Cork Cirles

  • 361 – Balsa Basswood Glue

  • 3803 – Carving Knives

  • 1126-Easy-Cutter


Milestones is a brand of personalizable crafts kits and components. These stepping stones, handprint impression photo frames, mosaic tesserae, and related accessories provide creative and fun ways to capture family memories. To learn more about Milestones products click here: 

  • 050-0202C Kids Stepping Stone

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  • Garden Tile Coaster Cover copy

  • 050-0203 Paw Print Label FRONT

  • Nautical Kit Cover Shot copy


Ullman Devices has been setting the industry quality standard for 81 years.  We are the world’s leading manufacturer of Inspection Mirrors and Magnetic Pick-Up Tools. Over the years, Ullman has broadened its product line to include Socket Holders, Flexible Spring Claws, Screw Starters, Rotating Magnetic Work Lights, Carbide Scribers, Hooks, Picks, and various other specialty tools. To learn more about Ullman Devices click here: 

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  • Light-and-Mirror-Wheel-Well

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NUPLA’s  history is one of invention, recognizing opportunities presented by the development of plastics and related technologies in the 1930’s. NUPLA has continued innovating these methods for over 80 years and has earned the reputation as the industry standard for fiberglass striking, cutting, digging and fire tools. We have earned our stripe as the manufacturer of the World’s Strongest Hand Tools and we put that stripe on every tool we produce.

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Hisco’s mission continues to focus on providing our customers the highest quality professional grade hand tools. Our latest Product Catalog is a culmination of our dedication to that mission. In this catalog, you will see that we continue to add new tools to further meet your specific needs and preferences. In addition to our original line of the best fiberglass-handled tools available, we now offer our Renegade line of high quality domestic ash-and-hickory-handled tools, and our Maverick line of imported ash-handled tools.

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