• Diversity & Inclusion

  • Sustainability

  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Environmental Health & Safety


Saunders Midwest is an equal opportunity employer. We recognize that each individual is unique and that those differences add value to our company and its customers. We put this commitment to work every day by collaborating with community-based organizations that provide employment to people with physical disabilities to handle various aspects of our production and assembly. For example, the company contracts with organizations in the north-west Indiana area to perform assembly and packaging for numerous Midwest branded products. In addition, a class of our Saunders branded products are manufactured and assembled by Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities.



Saunders Midwest has a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that is published to all its employees. We are committed to ethics and compliance with the law by (a) setting basic standards for ethical and legal behavior, (b) providing reporting mechanisms for known or suspected violations, and (c) helping prevent and detect wrongdoing. When in doubt about a contemplated act, we ask all our people whether they would be willing to have their contemplated act made public for all to see and judge. We expect integrity, lawful compliance, fair dealing, no conflicts of interest, asset stewardship, and discretion with sensitive information. In addition, our company is audited annually by a third party firm and we have internal controls to further promulgate ethical and compliant behavior.


The health and safety of Saunders Midwest employees and our customers using our product are of paramount importance. Saunders Midwest is in compliance with all OSHA and related regulatory regimes designed to protect workers. Additionally, our safety record is exceptional in each of our plants, in many cases going years without incident. This is the result of a “safety-first” mentality that culturally exists throughout all our facilities. In addition, Saunders Midwest complies with all federal regulatory regimes related to product safety.


At Saunders Midwest we challenge ourselves to satisfy the needs of our customers and our business without depleting or degrading natural resources. This means that we seek, where possible, renewable forms of raw material for our products. For example, 89% of the Aluminum used in our Saunders brand aluminum products are made with recycled content and at least 30% post-consumer waste. This results in a 95% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition our Midwest branded balsa wood originates from plantations in Ecuador that handle themselves in a way that permits year-after-year use of the land for the raw material renewal.