Professional Hand-Tools

Professional, durable and engineered for success; our professional hand-tools have been serving our customers since the 1930s. We continue to deliver relevant solutions by focusing on our customers’ challenges. Our products are widely used in the professional trades, from automotive and fire-fighting to the building trades and military.

Consumer & Office Products

Designed to exacting standards and high tolerances, our materials and tools have been used by our customers since the 1950s. Our innovative manufacturing techniques permit us to consistently deliver the highest quality. Architecture students, crafters and hobby enthusiasts rely on our products everyday around the world.

HISCOProfessional Hand ToolsIndustrial fiberglass handle tools.Learn More
Midwest ProductsConsumer & Office ProductsLeading worldwide manufacturer of high-tolerance micro-cut wood sticks and sheets.Learn More
Milestones ProductsConsumer & Office ProductsImpression kits and accessories designed to add character to any space.Learn More
NUPLAProfessional Hand ToolsProprietary and precision manufacturing the toughest industrial grade hand-tools.Learn More
SaundersConsumer & Office ProductsProfessional, mobile organizational solutions.Learn More
Ullman DevicesProfessional Hand ToolsLeading manufacturer of inspection cameras, mirrors and magnetic pick-up tools.Learn More