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Affordable hand-tools

Not all jobs are the same but lucky for you, HISCO has you covered. Choose from a wide selection of handles, reinforced collars, and grip options that fit your needs.

ProGold Series

The HISCO ProGold Series is a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide our customers with superior digging tools designed for intensive professional use. Our ProGold series of tools combines features of high quality steel blades and solid shank blades with a super strong thick-walled pultruded fiberglass handle or our 500 Series solid fiberglass handles. The HISCO ProGold extended steel sleeve with a weather resistant yellow zinc coating fits over the neck of the blade extending the natural stress point of the shovel handle, providing unparalleled handle and head-to-handle strength.


Types of Handles


Grip Options


Tools to Fit Your Needs


Our signature fiberglass handle used on our digging tools features a thick wall fiberglass tube, which is less flexible than poly-molded handles, and has a solid fiberglass inner core in the base followed by a wood core through the remaining portion of the handle. The solid fiberglass core extends the stress point above the critical neck or collar portion of the handle which increases its overall strength and durability. Other Hisco handle options include: Pro-Gold, Solid Gray Fiberglass, and North American Ash.


Split Resistant Handles on our HISCO sledges, axes, picks, and mattocks feature a fiberglass core in a tough molded high-density polypropylene handle. This shock absorbing construction is more user friendly. We also now offer the traditional style Hickory handles on our new Renegade line.


Professional quality roofing forks and tear-off spades headline Hisco’s residential and commercial roofing product assortment. Depending on your specific application and preferences HISCO has the handle and head combination to fit your needs.