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Product Safety

Safety is our most important priority, from our plant to your home, office, or work site.

Protect Yourself

Always use eye and hand protection when working with tools of any kind. This is especially the case when using striking tools but should be adhered to for all tools in all working conditions. If someone is nearby, they must also use eye protection. Foot protection is also required when using digging tools. Fire tools should only be used by emergency professionals outfitted with proper firefighting equipment and training.

Eye, hand, and respiratory protection should be used when manipulating crafting materials. This can include but is not limited to cutting, milling, and/or sanding wood, mixing cement mix, and cutting cork crafting material. Please contact customer service for specific product safety guidelines.

Adult supervision is recommended for any individual under 16 years of age.

Use the Product Correctly

Striking tools should not be used to strike another tool or hardened object. Proper form is important to avoid glancing blows, under strikes, or overstrikes. If you must strike another tool, such as a chisel, then we suggest the striking face of the correct hammer have a diameter about 3/8″ bigger than the face of the struck tool. Soft face hammers are always a good alternative.

Digging tools should not be used to strike objects or be used to cut, pry, or lift objects other than a substrate.

Scribing tools such as hooks and picks should not be used to pry objects.

Manual inspection mirrors should not be used near high heat or in corrosive chemicals.

Digital inspection tools should never be used in any manner that infringes on a person’s personal privacy.

Tools that include a magnet or magnetize/demagnetize other tools should always be kept away from electronic devices, medical devices, and forms of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, and hotel room keys.

Never Keep Damaged Products

Remove damaged products from your home, office, or work environment and discard them. Once products have been damaged, they may not work as intended and could cause injury. This includes, but is not limited to bending, cracking, chipping, denting, stress fractures, and splintering.

Always Use the Correct Tool for Your Purpose

All Saunders Midwest products are designed with a specific purpose in mind. When you deviate from that, you may cause yourself or others nearby harm. Always use each product for its intended purpose.