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Tools to see, reach and touch

Around the time of World War II, Robert Ullman invented the first inspection mirror while watching an aircraft mechanic use a crude mirror to view the inner workings of an engine. Ullman Devices went on to contribute to the Manhattan Project and subsequently developed a line of magnets, mirrors, hooks/picks, work lights and screw starters.

Designed for the way you work

The Ullman team has since invested in more cutting edge electronic inspection products that allow you to see and reach things that you never could before.

Be 2x

More Time Efficient


Hours of Time a Year


Ergonomic Design

Telescoping and Magnifying Mirrors

Telescoping mirrors featuring Ullman’s original all-angle ball joint and brushed stainless steel mirror backs. Ball-joint allows for 360° viewing and maintains desired positioning. Specialty featured tools include: heavy-duty magnetic bases suitable for tig and mig mirror welding, powerful LEDs, pocket clips, and magnifying mirrors.

Pick-Up Tools

There is an Ullman pick up tool for every application. Our Patented POWERCAP® technology shields the sides of the magnetic head to prevent attraction to surrounding surfaces and directs magnetic force by 45% for fast retrieval and increased accuracy. With magnetic pick-up strengths ranging from 1.5-16lbs, mechanical spring claw grabbers, straight and flexible shafts, and powerful Ullman has the pickup tool for any application.

Work Lights

Illuminate your workspace with rotating, flexible, or clamp style led work lights. Durable aluminum housing protects ultra-powerful SMD LED lights. Battery and rechargeable options to suite any type of workspace.

Hooks and Picks

Built with high carbon polished, heat-treated steel tips that are durable and built to last. Completed with a variety of handles that secure your grip in any situation and can be used to separate wires, pry loose or stuck gaskets and remove fuses and o-rings.